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As a practice, we look beyond a single image for a project. Our passion comes from solving spatial problems and finding  that space’. A space that’s multi-purpose, functional and utilised all year round.

Immersive experiences

We go beyond traditional plans to help our clients better visualize their designs. Our 3D visualizations bring your vision to life and provide a more immersive experience. During the design development phase, we produce fly-through animations of key areas that allow you to imagine yourself in the space. This simple yet effective approach enables you to fully understand and appreciate the design before construction even begins.

From Concept to Completion

We provide comprehensive project services from concept to completion. We work with you to establish a concise brief that aligns with your budget and requirements.

As your project progresses, we offer delivery and site services, providing both superintendent and project management roles to ensure construction quality, budget, and occupancy date are on track. From start to finish, we’re committed to bringing your vision to life.

Climate action

We at Mal Bas Architects have signed the Architects Declare Pledge, committing to sustainable and regenerative design practices. Our pledge includes raising awareness of climate and biodiversity emergencies, advocating for change in the industry, and sharing knowledge and research on an open-source basis.

Our goal is to design architecture and urbanism beyond net-zero carbon use, reduce construction waste, and minimize wasteful resource use.


Research, Due diligence & Concept.

We work with you to find clarity for the scope of your project and define a consise brief of spaces and functions. 

This vision is brought to life in a architecture concept sketch

Technical Drawings

We capture your vision in detailed  construction drawings and provide you with beautiful computer generated visualisations so you can understand your project in three-dimensions.

Project delivery & Site Services

We can be your partner during the construction stage of your project providing you with specialised advice, tracking site progress and review construction detailing.

Interior design

The design of the inside of our project is completed integrated with the architecture. 

We provide you sample materials of the interiors, detailed drawings and connections to our suppliers.

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