We add value to your project

The process

Our services are typically delivered in three major components. These seperate out any project into clear activities and outcomes. 

Research & Concept

We work together to form a concise brief for your project that aligns with the budget and spaces you need.

Typical relationships between parts of your project and their functions are explored. Questions that are discussed at this stage are open ended such as how do you like to spend your time on the weekends with your family, do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, outdoors games?

At the conclusion of this stage you understand through three-dimensional sketchs and sketch plans how your vision can be translated into a building project.

Technical drawings

This is the detail orientationed project phase. Continuing on from the vision we dive deeper into the themes we have established. 

We understand materiality of the project, detailed dimensios of the spaces and how the building will be put togethor in construction.

Our focus is to capture the design of your project in drawings for a builder to construct.

Project delivery & site services

During the construction of your project we are involved both as superintendents and project managers. 

As project managers, we track and monitor the construction of your project to review the quality of the construction and date of occupancy when you can move in.

Superintendent services is a technical role focused on administering the contract and providing documentation such as observation reports, progress certificates and architects instructions.

Specalist services

We offer a number of tailored and specialised services to suit your needs.

We can offer specifically management services for your construction project including tracking and obtaining planning permits, occupacy permits, contract administration and other construction related consultancy services

Three-dimensional digital animations of your next building project are created to give you a sense of how it feels to move through a space.

Physical models produced at scale to communicate your next building project in a medium you can touch.

Peer review and architecture quality assurance checks.

We have strong partnership with firms who we regularly engaged for services of: mechanical, electrical, structural, hydraulic, fire, environmental and sprinkler engineers.

We are also capable of liasing with environmental consultants to complete geotechnical reports, land management plans, land capability assessments, vegetation assessments and arborist reports.